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    Web Plugin Help!


      Having issues with trying to install the web plugin for Safari.  The install says it successfully installs but when I try to watch it continually prompts to install the plugin again. It appears that the plugin isn't getting installed despite the 'successful' install notice.  I have also tried shutting down and restarting and that didn't work.

      In addition I have followed these steps.

      Click through these steps with Safari running:

      Safari  (top of the screen near the Apple logo) > Preferences > Security (tab).

      In here click the "Plug-In Settings" button next to Internet Plug-Ins, then "WebSlingPlayer Plug-In".  Set this to Always Allow and click Done.

      Next, click Advanced (tab) and remove the check form the box next to "Stop plug-ins to save power

      Also I'm have tried to stream on my Ipad and use my Apple TVs to mirror the image and it only plays the sound on the TV and the Ipad says "The Video is playing Through Airplay"