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    Best Way to Stream to my 42" LED ??

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      Hi guys - new to the forum.


      Question : I have had my Sling 350 connected to my Direct TV / DVR at home now for a year now...works well.


      I am in San Francisco bay area, and my son is down in San Diego (Cox Cable) and he is the primary user, streaming Sports etc. We both have good quality Routers (Zoom and NetGear) and things generally work well.


      Two things :


      (1) When I visited him last weekend the feed would intermittently freeze, followed by a "catch up" of speeded up video, then normal play again. Not a huge issue, but a bit annoying as it happens 3-5x per hour. I was thinking perhaps changing the broadcast channel on the router to avoid possible interference might help, but no change .... Any ideas ?


      (2) He primarily watches basketball, feeding the stream through a Mac laptop, and then connected to his 42" LED TV. The picture quality  is "okay" but because its being blown up to 42" it is not ideal. Thinking - there's gotta be a better way to get better picture quality on the larger screens. I dunno - Apple TV ? ROKU ? Other ?? would they help provide a sharper picture ?


      Any help / suggestions based upon experience are appreciated ! 



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          eric_b Newbie

          For #1, I would consider using wired connections on both ends.  Even inside my home, I sometimes get the dreaded buffering on my Roku.  I'm hoping for an enhancement that allows you to hide the buffering message in order to avoid getting questions about what it means.  Not holding my breath for that.  Anyway, the important thing on your end is the upload speed and on the other end is download speed.  You will want a solid 10MBps and may need more depending on the load in your house.  If your router has the capability, you may want also want to read up on the Quality of Service (QoS) features.  You may be able to give priority to those particular devices on your network.


          For #2, I have the Roku and it's pretty good.  My bitrate tops out around 5200-something with the SB 500.  It's basically 720p quality even though all connections support up to 1080p.  Again, I would opt for something with a wired connection.