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    Does slingbox replace at a lower cost many Digital Setup Box ?




      I currently have 4 HD TV in my house and only one Scientific Atlanta HD8300 DVR connected to my cable company.

      I have a Gig network plug in all rooms with a central Gig switch.

      I want to be able to control and listen that DVR in any 4 rooms by not doing it with a PC.


      Can I have a master Slingbox HD that I connect my HD8300 in it then many smaller Slinbox (or other) hardware player on the other 3TV?(HD or SD)

      What do I need to do this at low cost?  Or it's cheaper to buy 3 other DVR...?


      My ideal setup would be The master SlingBox HD broadcaster sending the stream to any small player in other rooms and I can control
      the DVR in any of those rooms.  We always listen to 1 TV at a time.  Also, if my DVR is now connected to the Slingbox HD does I have
      to buy another player or there is a output to connect that master on the TV in that room?