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    Slingplayer Desktop Stopped Responding

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      I have a M1 and am using the slingplayer desktop program. I am having a issue with it streaming for any length of time. If it streams for more than 2 hours, the picture freezes and any controls become unresponsive. I can close the program and reopen and it again works for about 2 hours, then the same thing happens. This happens on both of my pcs which leads me to believe its not a pc issue. I have had this issue since I purchased this unit. I have contacted sling support several times, the last being yesterday and they deleted some files and reinstalled the program. They said that that should fix the issue, well, this is the next day and I just had the same issue. I recorded the issue on video and uploaded to you tube so anyone can see what I am talking about. The video shot is when the player was in play mode but because the picture is frozen it looks like it is paused.

      This is the link to my video

      Slingplayer Desktop Freezes after 2 hours of streaming. - YouTube


      Sling told me that noone else has had this issue. Its hard for me to believe that noone else has had this issue. If anyone can offer any suggestions on how to fix, it would be appreciated.