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    Please add remote control  for Metronic 441576    Digital Terrestrial Decoder   Zapbox plug-in 2



      i have just conected my new decoder Metronic 441576 to an exiting SLINGBOX wich is perfect functioning.

      The new decoder and sling box are working fine but the remote control NOT.

      When I confgure the Sling Box i do not find the 441576 model.


      1- My sling box model is SB260-XXX and is working very well since years

      2- I changed the decoder and I have bought a new one  ( because of small dimension )

      3- The new decoder is Metronic 441576 zapbox plug-in 2  and is important to note that it

            is a Digital-Terrastrial   NOT a Satellite decoder.

      4- I checked all the log/ community/ internet previous experience with this decoder -- NO INFO -

      5 - I read all the "suggestion" in the community and Sling web to overcome the problem

      6- I checked all the metronic model when configuring the slingbox. I tried all of them including also "other". No way.

      7- I checked the IR remote control of my decoder Metronic ( the decoder works perfectly-- I mean I can change the channel connecting it physically to the  TV)

      8- I checked with a digital camera the IR Emitter of the SLINGBOX. It works, I mean i can see the flash when i tap the virtual remote control.

      Can somebody kindly help me ?