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    Finding a compatible DVD player to use with a Slingbox Solo

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      I have a Slingbox Solo - not to stream TV elsewhere but in order to watch DVDs on my tablet using the Slingbox player app, pause, switch to the PC and pick up exactly where I left off  - stuff like that.


      It was a brilliant solution until the old Minato DVD player I was using stopped recognising discs.


      The slingbox still works fine but I want to put in a new DVD player - but it's hard to find one in the compatible list which is still actually available to buy.


      I noticed that the Panasonic DMP-BD85K is available to buy, and the Panasonic DMP-BD65K is in the supported list.


      The reason I wonder if this might be a solution is because the same replacement remote control is available (genuine apparenrly) for both of those machines so does anyone know if I bought a BD85k and told the slingbox I had a BD65k, whether it would work?


      It's a bit expensive to just buy something and hope.


      Alternatively, can anyone suggest a DVD player which is not too expensive which can still be had which works with the Solo?

      I'd rather not have to buy both a new DVD player *AND* a new slingbox when there's nothing wrong with the slingbox I have