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    Sling Box 500 setup

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      Hi - i recently moved into my new apartment. I have purchased the slingbox 500 and planning to piggy back of my parents cable. I got a spare cable box (att uverse) from their house to install into my new place. I followed the videos and matched the inputs/output cables as well as following the setup. The sling was able to connect to my internet, but upon the completion, it looked like the att uverse cable box is trying to  to establish a connection with the home modem like it was connected to at my parents. I have searched online and am not able to find anything. I did just now think about this, if I have comcast internet but have a att uverse cable box does that conflict with the sling box? I did the setup by picking att uverse but it still did not work. If anyone could help I would be extremely grateful.



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          Hello grvnt,


               In order to watch your parents Cable service, you would have to hook the Slingbox 500 up to a Set Top Box in their home where the service is. The Slingbox will stay there connected to the Set Top Box (cable box). You will need to complete the set up at the Slingbox location, and after that you can watch it at your new place with a computer, mobile device, or connected device.


          Slingbox.com - How does the Slingbox work?



          Hope this helps!

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