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    Web Plugin


      have been trying to install the web plugin in Safari.  The process says it successfully installs but when I try to watch, I continually get a prompt to install the plugin again. It appears that the plugin isn't getting installed despite the 'successful' install notice.  I've rebooted the machine several times with no result. 


      Anyone have a solution to this problem.

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          roger.sling Newbie

          Hello William,


          The plug-in is installing, you just need to allow it to run through Safari's preferences. 


          Click through these steps with Safari running:

          Safari  (top of the screen near the Apple logo) > Preferences > Security (tab).

          In here click the "Plug-In Settings" button next to Internet Plug-Ins, then "WebSlingPlayer Plug-In".  Set this to Always Allow and click Done.

          Next, click Advanced (tab) and remove the check form the box next to "Stop plug-ins to save power".

          This should allow the player to work without looping back to the Installation page.

          Hope this helps!


          Sling Media Moderation Team

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              hello. having the same problem .


              keeps prompting that it has a newer plugin.

              im instaling pluging ...581

              yet in safari->preferences it keeps it on ...505.


              tried to uninstall/delete the plugin and reinstall.

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                I'm also having the same problem.  I have put the "Always Allow" on both the Watch screen and the sling box.com (home) screen.  It still wants me to install .581 again.