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    Slingbox M1 with xfinity x1


      I upgraded my xfinity to the x1 and it is no longer physically compatible with the M1.  What is the best solution?

      Should I get an HDMI to component cable?

      Should I get the HDMI to Component converter?

      Do I have to reduce my TV settings (60 to 30) for either of theses solutions to work?


      Thank you very much for any help.

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          eric_b Newbie

          If you do not have component output, that could be a problem.  If not, then you will need an HDMI to component converter.  The Gang-Hu converter is supported by SB - others here have used other brands, YMMV.


          If you have component output and it's not working, I believe the M1 only supports up to 1080i.  So, you would need to go into the X1 settings and change the box output to 1080i as the output resolution.