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    Slingbox Plugin does not work for Internet Explorer nor does the Firefox Plugin

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      I have a Dell XPS 2710 running windows 10. My computer is located away from my residence which has my Slingbox Pro HD (purchased in 2006). The watch slingbox works flawlessly on my ASUS laptop and used to work on my Dell. After restoring windows 10, it does not work at all. When I install (30-40 attempts and counting) in internet explorer, it downloads and installs without error message but when I go to slingbox.com and click "Watch" it prompts me to download and install the plugin all over again (which then becomes a repair) .....over and over..... For Firefox, I get the pugin is unsigned error message. I saw that one can by-pass that for Firefox version 43 but I have a higher version. Again no problems with the Asus ....nothing but problems with the Dell all in one . Thanks in advance for any assistance!!!!!!!!!