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    Problems wit Slingbox and Fire Stick

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      Like it says: I just got Slingbox M2, and have a problem using Amazon Fire Stick remotely with the Slingbox/Slingplayer App.  Basically, for now I would like to know how to clear the Guide from the TV screen, how to clear "Program Details" from the TV screen, etc.  At home on my remote control I have an "Exit" button to do this, so where's the "clear" button using the Fire Stick remote control ?  Did the engineers forget to add a button???


      When I press the backspace button (upper left one), the Slingplayer disconnects !!!!  HELP, this is not so user friendly, and there were essentially no instructions with the Fire Stick !!!  Don't tell me the engineers ever thought to clear the TV screen so they could actually *$%&^*)$##%^&*(&$ watch something !!!


      Don't tell me to call Amazon for help, their telephone help said Fire Stick was designed to be within 10 feet of the router !!!!


      I found out that the Slingplayer for Fire Stick doesn't even hint that you have entered in an incorrect password for the router either !!!