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    Slingbox incompatible with Comcast X1

      • We are in Colorado, and upgraded to the new Comcast X1 box, however it has no component outputs, only HDMI
      • We have connected using the HDMI-component adapter recommended by Slingbox from Gang-Hu.  However it is NOT possible to change the channels or do anything else via the internet-Slingplayer interface.
      • Sling box support says you should enable RF bypass in the Comcast X1 box settings, but Comcast does not give you access to this setting on the new X1 box.
      • So - conclusion is that all Slingboxes are incompatible with the new Comcast X1 box.
      • Slingbox support confirmed this.
      • We have contacted Comcast and are going back to the old legacy box with component inputs.


      Very disappointing!

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          I have an X1 box that has svideo, R + L audio outputs Model XG1-P

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              Dear slingplayer folks,

              I feel a moral obligation to inform those whose input helped me solve my strange slingplayer and Xfinity x1 Lisa if video problem. In my case, my slingplayer m1 is running off if a Samsung plasma set, through component level cables.

              This worked very well for past year or two at a second home. Then, recently, I only received audio, not video.

              I solved it by lowering the originating TV video resolution to 1080p30, from 1080p60. Solved my problem, hope it solves yours. Also works when lowering resolution to 1080i.

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              As odd as it sounds, it may be a timing issue... I was just able to get my Slingbox 500 to work with a Comcast X1 input over HDMI by going through input settings. Although it showed a small blank screen for a while, I selected guide and just let it sit on that screen for about 5 minutes.  Then, signal flickered and it started to work.

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                I just went from the Directv Genie to the component output-lacking Comcast X-1.  Wouldn't this HDMI out  (From X-1) to component input  (of the Slingbox 500) solve the HDCP problem? Something such as this: Amazon.com: KULL& [5 Feet/1.5M] HDMI Type A Male to 5 RCA Male Plug Vedio Cale For HDTV Plasma TV and most LCD Projector…

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                  camalus238 Newbie

                  I use x1 with my M1 every day. The best way to change channels is to use the Xfinity Remote app. Not only do you get a better guide, it's faster.


                  You can also use the X1 remote app to use voice search.


                  Either way, X1 works perfectly for me... when slingbox isn't breaking the **** fire TV app constantly.

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                    esdwa Newbie


                    First of all you do not menton what Slingbox are you trying to use. So before anyone else try to help tell us what is it?


                    Second, you do not tell us if you actually get a picture from your slingbox. I assume you do since you say the problem is only in changing channels.


                    Third, Sling media does not guarantee its product to be compatible with any of set top boxes ot there  simply because operators like Comcast use boxes from different  OEM's despite naming them same way which makes one to believe it is going to work with certain remote while it may not.


                    I have newest UPC hybrid box that happen to be supported by IR driver in M1 setup but it is not supported by my older PRO. Not knowing which slingbox model you try to use, I can't say more except there might be another Slingbox model out there which support your X1 box. If not, then the only way to deal with it is to create new bin file for your slingbox using X1 box remote amd some additonal gear plus recipe from one of this forum members. Good luck.

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                        I can't believe that an otherwise wonderful set top box like the X-1 (at least the version I got on my July 1st installation with Comcast) only has an HDMI output and not component output. It might not be an accident since they don't want people streaming their home HD content over the internet (especially the "Non Go" content or what is saved to their DVR). So this means that people without Component cannot easily leap the HDCP hurdle (for some stations) which component would allow them to do (unlike HDMI). It was so much simpler with my Directv set top box which you could output both component and HDMI from the X-1  to the Slingbox 500 enabling you to see all HD content (even the HDCP-protected content). I'm  fine (have to be)  with spliting the HDMI output from the X-1and converting one branch to Component which goes into the my Slingbox 500 and  and sending the other branch into the second TV (while one TV gets the Component out from the Slingbox 500).

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                            esdwa Newbie


                            - DMCA guidelines

                            - HDMI market dominance, while analog YPbPr decline to zero

                            - finally equipment cost reduction

                            make all newest stb's lacking of analog outputs.


                            We do not live in customer oriented world anymore, we live in world where corporate interest matters most, where we customers are like those dogs chasing piece of salami kept in front of us on fishing rod held by those who make rules behind our backs. Good day.