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    Netopia 3347 setup - missing a step? Hopefully.


      Good morning everyone...


      I'm stumped, and hope that someone can help me out here. I am trying to set up a Slingbox Solo on a Netopia 3347 (the standard hand-out device with AT&T DSL in the South), and am having an issue with remote internet viewing. I'm actually setting up two identical setups, a Solo on the 3347 at my home, and a Solo on a 3347 at my wife's office. I am to the point where it's looking like I am going to have to return the Solo units becaue I don't want to have to buy new networking equipment at the two sites. I can't find any mention of a Netopia 3347 in the forums, and internet help isn't much better. In a nutshell, here's what I have done to this point, and the end result (it's the same at both sites):


      I can see the Solo on the network, and can set it up with the SW. Internal viewing over the network is fine.


      With portforward.com's basic tutorial, I have enabled TCP and UPD port forwarding for 5001 for the SB unit via a pinhole (Also tried a start/end range of 5000 to 5003 just for giggles)


      I have enabled ClearSailing for the firewall to allow the Pinhole to function.


      When I use the portforward.com port checker, it can ping my Netopia, but can't see port 5001 open.


      If I understand the Netopia manual correctly (an it can't be correct), is says that pinholes and IPMap work fine internally, but aren't allowed from the outside. *scratches head in disbelief*


      At this point, I am baffled as to what to do. I HAVE to be missing something somewhere, or should be using another method instead of a pinhole, but I don't know what it could be.


      Does anyone out ther have any experience with this, or have the knowledge to provide any insight? I have used Slings in the past and love them, and don't want to have to return these, but I am very frustrated from "running in circles" on these projects. I am a network admin for a Fortune 150 company, so it's very possible that some bit of high-level knowledge has pushed the obvious common-sense answer out of my brain. ;-))


      Any help/advice/insight would be GREATLY appreciated, and I also appreciate your time in reading my post. Thank you in advance!