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    2 Fold Issue

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      Greetings one and all…Thank you in advance for any and all assistance. I am a long time Sling box user. I have had 4 different units, 3 of which are relatively current with one becoming obsolete due to federal regulations on digital signal. With that said I have a Solo, M1 and a 500…in addition I have two other competitor devices that will remain nameless. I have a home network with two routers, one of which is basically an expensive WAP. Now I have had the Solo online and available for internet viewing for years and continues to be rock solid. I then upgraded and purchased the M1 which was working great with sporadic outages. Outages in the sense of not available for internet or application viewing outside my LAN. When inside my home network I can see all boxes both on desktop/Android application and via slingbox.com, lights green and ready to go. When outside home network I can only see the Sling box Solo and not the M1 or 500. Yes I have logged in locally to obtain both local IP address and port number to set up port forwarding on my Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router and other Linksys router. I used the port forwarding for all using the correct IP address and corresponding port info and set “both”. The interesting thing is that on the M1 the desktop app gave me a different number on the last IP octet than the web application. On a side note I had both Sling box and Monsoon Vulkanos working flawlessly for ages…the M1 started acting flakey after about 3 months or so…the other issue is that when I hard reset M1 I could get it connected but the online web app would not allow me to continue on to the internet viewing option and now it will not change the channels…you see it trying but does not…I have reset 4 times with no change…this is friggin’ maddening. HELP…what did I miss and what the heck up with the IR channel changer. In addition I have tried a factory reset to start from scratch on my M1, updating part of process would **** out and now when it connects to network wired or wirelessly I keep getting the C200 error to soft reset on it.