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    Maximum Speed for Slingbox M1?

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      We have Google Fiber so our maximum internet speed is theoretically 1GB but is actually about 800-900mbps--still plenty fast!


      Our Slingbox M1 is connected directly into the Google Fiber network box which should provide maximum throughput, but the Google Fiber administration module shows it is connected at 100mbps. Is this the maximum for the M1 or is there some other reason that it is not taking advantage of the full 800-900mbps potential?

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          eric_b Newbie

          Is 1GB for the upload side? That's what will matter if you are trying to watch it from another location.  That's really awesome.  However, the SB network card only supports 100MBps.  But, that shouldn't matter either - HD only requires around 10MBps for full 1080p (if that).  I think 4K needs 10-12 Mbps or something like that.

          If you are using it in your house, it will matter even less - the only communication that will happen would be over the LAN (which will max out at 100MBps anyway).  I'm not sure about the other connected devices, but Roku also only supports 10MBps.

          So, your primary benefit with the Fiber will be web browsing, downloading movies from various services and line quality.