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    Onscreen Remote Does Not Move to the Side

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      Hello, I am using the SlingPlayer APP from the Windows Store on a netbook with a 10.1" screen running Windows 10.  When I use the remote control that was configured for my cable box, I cannot drag it to move it out of the way.  For example, it is stationary and covers choices on my DVR screen (resume, delete, etc.).  As a workaround, I turn off the remote, count how many clicks I need to go and then return the remote to the screen and click.  Is it possible to get the remote control to move to the side?  I do not have this problem with my other Windows 10 PCs (with larger screens) and the same APP .  I did not have this problem with the remote on this netbook when I was using "WATCH" from the Slingbox web site.  Any thoughts?