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    Slingbox M1 and Youview box + component cables


      I have tried using 2 different converters to connect my BT youviewbox to my slingbox M1 as follows to get HD quality.


      BT Youview HDMI output --> converter- --> component cables ---> Slingbox M1


      On the current converter "SYNiC HD 1080 HDMI to 5 RCA RGB Ypbpr Component AV Video stereo Converter Adapter With Stereo R/L Audio for Xbox Slingbox" I get audio but no video (only fuzzy lines), I have tried switching various resolutions on the youview box without success.


      Does anyone have a working setup which uses HDMI --> component converter with BT Youview and if so can you add it here.


      From reading various other sources, I read it could be related to HDCP issues, but the program guide is also not displaying.


      One other option is to switch to a set top box with component outputs, such as freesat or sky but would need a dish for that.


      Thanks in advance.