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    2015 Fire TV Stick Support

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      I have just invested significant money in a Slingbox M1, Fire TV Stick and associated cables etc to connect to my Sky Q Mini…


      I am amazed to find that despite heavy advertising on the website claiming there is a free app on the Fire TV Stick, it is not compatible with the latest 2015 version of the stick released at the end of 2015!! See attached screenshot.


      I am going away in July for 2 months and planned to have this setup to allow me to keep up with TV at home, but unless I can get some assurances Slingbox are fixing the issue SOON then it is all a bit of a waste of money for me!


      As you can see here there are other people that have noticed too https://www.reddit.com/r/fireTV/comments/3ntpol/cant_find_sling_player_app/

      I also notice that it is impossible to contact support directly via email - if anyone knows how I can do this and ignite a rocket in their direction I would appreciate it




      I can't post a reply I get an error... This is infuriating!

      In repsonse to sakisson;

      Can you give more details of HOW you do this?


      As you can see on the screenshot I attached, logged into my Amazon account on my PC I cannot upload to the Fire TV Stick as it says it is incompatible...


      I am hoping you know another way, please share the steps you took


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      I can't download the apk in order to side load it. If someone can send me the apk off their Fire TV then I should be able to side load it no problem.





      I'm already running latest 5.0.5, I need to get the apk off someone with a Fire TV so I can side load to my Fire TV Stick I think.




      I searched for 'sling' 'slingbox' 'slingplayer' - all return nothing as it is considered not compatible and so filter out of the results.


      The only 2 solutions are;

      1. Slingbox update the app so it is compatible (I don't believe it is really incompatible, it is just tagged wrong in the Amazon App Store)

      2. Someone with a Fire TV (not Stick) that has the apk (downloaded off their Fire TV using this How to transfer Amazon Fire TV Apps to a Fire TV Stick | AFTVnews) sends me the file and I attempt to side load it