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    Firmware Updates for Slingbox Solo and Slingbox Pro

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      I'm confronting the issue of needing to buy used slingboxes off of Ebay in order to have a back up or two.  I will acquire Slingbox Solo's and/or Slingbox Pro's.


      Given one most likely needs to hard re-set the box after purchase, how does updating the firmware work?  Does SLING actually still support these older and very functional devices with automatic, on line updates???  I'd hate to do a hard reset only to end up with a crummy version of firmware.


      Too, how does one manually install a firmware upgrade???  The slingbox is not connected to my computer.....it's connected to the router/modem.  I admit I don't know how to "push" a .bin file through the modem/router into the slingbox.


      Finally, what is the difference between the Slingbox Solo Model SB260-XXX and the SB260-100?  (I understand the SB260-100 is the "older" version.).  What is the audio/video difference??


      Thanks for the help.