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    Cannot access my Slingbox in any ways in Windows 10


      I am very disappointed with Sling supporting their software. For me it started about a year ago I used to connect to my Slignbox via Google Chrome, but then Google Chrome browser made some changes that cause the Slingbox plugin to not be supported, so I switched to Firefox and for a while all was fine again. In the most recent versions of Firefox now the browser does not allow the Slingbox extension to install due to issues with the certificate used to sign that extension. Searching around I found out that a newer version of the Desktop app was available so I installed it and this was working. Now after the latest  updates from Microsoft for Windows 10, the Desktop app also stopped working, it now complains about some Error buffer. If I access my slingbox from my Mac, works fine so the issue is with Windows 10 only.

      I understand that if third party OS and/or Browsers make changes, Sling is not immediately to blame, but if they do nothing to update their apps, and after months the issues is still present then I think they are to blame. We cannot keep using old browsers versions specially knowing all the security issues fixed by those updates.

      I am wondering if other are experiencing similar issues with Slingbox and Windows 10.