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    Hi Sling. Please update something...anything...

    ekbsrk Newbie

      Please update anything at all. Release a new feature. Do something.. Literally anything, to give us some hope that this company is not dead. Its just unbelievable that no new features are ever released and constant bugs are never ever fixed. Cant wait for the slingbox m3, the 4th generation slingbox350 with the same old specs and an audio bitrate less than mp3s from napster from 1999.

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          eric_b Newbie

          If you subscribed to the RSS feed, you would know that they announced support for Chromecast 9 months ago!... whoop-dee-doo!  There is also this technology called 1080p that I heard was coming out soon.  Oh, and Firefox 43 was the first version that started complaining when unsigned add-ons would be blocked.  But, in Firefox 46, unsigned add-ons will *not* have an override setting.  So, that's about 6 more months... do you think we'll have a fix from Sling before everyone's Firefox plugin breaks?  The suspense is building - keep the customers wanting!  Evan, Samantha, Matt...?  I think most people on this board feel very strongly about the product.  Don't you think we can get some hype here?  Does your marketing department do anything?