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    Adding a second 350 to my account fails

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      I've see several threads about this but none answered the question. I have a 350 on my account. I had a second on the account but lost my connection. During troubleshooting, I removed the second Slingbox thinking I'd be able to add it back. That was, apparently, a grave mistake.


      Slingbox 350 wired to router.

      Computer on wifi (and I tried wired)

      My router sees the Slingbox-350. IPs Slingbox and computer are compatible.

      Directory has a choice to add a slingbox. I pick it.

      I choose 350.

      After a few seconds. the original Slingbox is loaded.


      One guy got it fixed but I don't know how he did it. I disabled wifi on my laptop and plugged right into the router. Did the same thing. Why oh why is this so darned complicated? And why, since there are several threads, are they all unanswered?