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    What is the best hookup method

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      I just purchased a Slingbox 500 and want to use it with a Directv Mini. The main purpose for the Slingbox is to use it to access my Directv programming at a second vacation home 500 hundred miles away. Since someone is almost always at my first home, I want to make sure that the mini is always turned on and the person at my first home doesn't have to be watching what I want to watch at my second vacation home when I'm there. I am thinking about having a dedicated Genie Mini that would not have a tv associated with it hooked up to my Slingbox 500 and connected to my router via ethernet cable. I am thinking that this would eliminate any potential signal strength issue since I wouldn't be using WiFi. I have run numerous Speedtest on my internet and I average around 20 Mps down and 6 Mps up at my first home where the Slingbox is located. The speed at my vacation home is around 15 Mps down and 3Mps up. Are these speeds adequate? Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

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          Netflix recommends 5 MBps for streaming HD.  Internet Connection Speed Recommendations That is for 1 user on the network.  For you, the important speeds will be upload speed from your primary residence and then download speed at your vacation home.  So, with 6 MBps, you are meeting the minimum requirement.  Realistically, you may experience some buffering.  Even on a LAN, I randomly receive Buffering messages on Roku, but that's probably just a bug in the software... I can't imagine it's not sufficient.  The best I could suggest would be to use the signal quality tools in the Slingplayer to see what it thinks.  Also, use SpeedTest to check your speeds and see if you get consistent numbers.  Good luck.