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    No Component Out

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      This is a reply to the question by Jamal22066,

      I had the same connection problem a couple of weeks ago with my TWC DTA box (no component out, just RF and HDMI out). A lot of folks are recommending the GANG-HU hdmi splitter because it's the only one that Slingbox recommends that will work, but I would suggest skipping that splitter box, it is Very Overpriced. I went to ebay instead and ordered one of these HDMI to COMPONENT adapter box which was 1/3 the cost of the Gang-Hu splitter:HDTV HDMI to RGB Component YPbPr +R/L Converter 1080P Adapter Converter Box | eBay. This worked perfect for me and will work for users who have cable boxes with no Component out. I would disregard the suggestion made by alanrichey42, (he suggested using an hdmi splitter box that has 1 HDMI input and 2 HDMI outputs) now how is that splitter supposed to solve your problem when it has NO Component out which is what you need?? I must mention that I notice that alanrichey42 has a lot of good input/advise on this community forum, but I hate to say that it's not always correct.

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          I have never suggested I am always right, but I am a bit surprised at this comment, as I don't normally recommend any sort of splitter/converter as I have no experience of them (I am quite content slinging SD).  Could you point me to where I did that so I can amend it ?


          Later:  Found it and you are quite correct, so I have amended it.     You seem to be saying I have given poor advice in other areas ?   Can you point them out to me so I can learn by my mistakes ?   Thanks.