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    Slingbox 500 picture always terrible

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      I am in Jakarta,  Indonesia and my Slingbox 500 is in Houston, Texas.   My internet speed in Indonesia is around 40 mbps and the speed in Houston is over 50 mbps.

      But every time i watch something using Slingbox the picture is blurry and pixelated as if it was being watched on a bandwidth of 2 mbps.  This is true whether watching on a phone, a Kindle Fire, a computer or through the TV wifi direct. 

      I thought this was normal and that slingbox was just a **** product.  But i went to a couple of friend's houses here in Jakarta  this past week and their Slingbox picture from the US was crystal clear.  The picture was awesome; I couldn't believe it!

      What things might be causing my picture to be so awful?  What things should I check if bandwidth is already great on both ends?

      Thanks in advance for your help, Kevin