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    Incredibly Frustrated--Trying to Change Cablebox to X1 for  Pro-HD


      I have simply wanted to just get to settings and change the cable box

      But every time I went in under different browsers I got a message that it wasn't 'supported'

      So then I go to support network and do the 'workaround' in firefox that toggles some value to 'False'

      But still there is a box that says to 'click to activate the plug-in below'....and of course, there is NO BOX..or its all black and won't click and do anything

      So I can't do anything...I have tried everything with different browsers and computers...to no avail

      Can anyone offer a comprehensive answer on what I need to do to make this Pro-HD work with my new Xfinity X1 box....I have gotten many people to buy this product and now I just feel like throwing it!