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    Anyone using Slingbox SOLO on Bright House??


      I am considering buying a SOLO to use on Bright House cable (Melbourne, FL) but can't verify that it is compatible with the Bright House supplied DVR.  Anyone actually using SOLO (or another model) on Bright House DVR?


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          Yes it's compatible. I was using it with Brighthouse CFL without a problem but after August 2010 that's when all the problems started. Before you spend your money read all the problems people are having. I am ready to trash mine.

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              i use BHN and my slingbox solo works flawless. i have the slingplayer mobile for iphone and also works fantastic. the only thing i havent figured out is the slingplayer guide.



              EDIT: i figured out the slingplayer guide. i had setup as STANDALONE DVR. thats wrong. Gotta use CABLEBOX, then when it filters out by model, the DVR model is listed there. Few seconds later, the guide was up, and it shows everything the BHN guide displays. very cool, and i just setup my DVR to record DEXTER remotely

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              BE CAREFULL!!. I use brighthouse out of Melbourne. I am in Spain. It has been down for 2 months. My laptop and my sling catcher cannot "find" the slingbox on the  "network" (the internet). I have tried to connect in Madrid, Rome and Baghdad. No joy. My father CAN connect using his laptop and desktop in the house where the slingbox is located. He went to the local library and was unable to connect. It is obciously a router problem. Brighthouse goes to the house in Melbourne re-installes the software announces "everything is ok", I try again to connect...no joy. Then they tell me it in a problem on my end. They say it is my network. I tried on 3 different networks in 3 different countries!!! It is  brighthouse problem. And they will not give us the service we need to fix it.

              Not to mention that in the year I had a working slingbox, brighthouse did 4 unannaiunced updates to their routers and it takes days of trouble shooting to find the problem then finally realize they were making changes. Then you have to fix your connection after their changes. All in all the slimgbox is fine and works as advertised. It is brighthouse who screws everything up!