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    Exception Breakpoint on Windows 10, but not Win7

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      Hello All,


      I have a new Windows 10 PC and a well used Windows 10 (upgraded from Win7) that have the 'A Exception breakpoint has been reached' when the Slingplayer for PC is initially launched.  Then the program times out, and then I relaunch Slingplayer and it work fine.


      I have a Win7 laptop that does not have this problem.  The Android apps work with no problem.


      I've seen the temporary file fix, but this doesn't explain why I have no problem with a the Win7 laptop.


      This problem needs attention instead of a workaround.  How do we get the developers engaged and actually fix the Slingplayer ?




      PS, I love the Slingbox 500!  Worked flawlessly from Japan.