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    Slingbox in Japan and Client is Stateside

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      We setup networks and are not familiar with Slingbox.


      We recently setup a network for a client and wired speedtest is around 300/25 and Wireless Speedtest is about 150/20.

      However when the client try's to stream content from her Japan slingbox, she runs into issues with the stream freezing or buffering a lot.

      She mainly tries to stream from iPad/iPhone and Laptop, all with the same results for the most part.


      There is no slingbox device state-side, so we don't think we need to mess around with any ports or Qos setting on the firewall stateside.

      I have heard someone mention something about using a different DNS not supplied by the ISP stateside (Time Warner Cable).


      Are there anyone experience similar issues or can anyone provide information that can assist in anyway?


      Thank you.