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    Separate iPad app?




      I had typed out the following question but was able to locate considerable banter on your forums before I posted it,

      "I want to purchase the iPhone/iPod touch app for use on my iPad. If and when they release an iPad version, do you think it will be a multi-compatible version update for both devices, or a separate iPad app so that I'll feel I wasted $29.99 and would then need to buy the iPad exclusive version."


      The question seems to linger, can you offer (any) updated information as to wheather iPad users will need to purchase a future separate iPad app?





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          I can't say. But there should be some news about that soon.

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            I purchased this app for my iPad tonight and am extremely disappointed. The screen shots make it look sweet on the iPad, but in reality the a/v quality is very poor & definitely not worth $30. Please don't make me pay another $30 when the iPad version is available & is there any way to get a refund for the version I just loaded? 

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              ACC1008762 Newbie

              Seriously... still nothing? I hope Time Warner comes out with an app soon.

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                hmiller Newbie

                the notice on the front page says that it probably do have to buy it again... at least if you want to not have to do the compatibility mode bs.



                We have been hard at work on an iPad version of SlingPlayer Mobile.  When it becomes available it will be priced at 29.99, the same as all of our SlingPlayer Mobile applications.  The new app will take full advantage of the iPad’s beautiful display.


                Note that the new SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad will only work with the Slingbox PRO-HD and Slingbox Solo.  Legacy Slingboxes, like the Classic, Tuner, AV and Pro, do not have the hardware capability to stream at the iPad’s higher resolution.  This means that customers who own a legacy Slingbox should NOT purchase the iPad app.


                If you have already purchased SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone, it will continue to work in “Compatibility Mode” on the iPad at no extra charge.  The iPhone version of the app will stream from all Slingboxes, but not at the higher quality resolutions of the iPad app.

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                    hmiller:  Thank you for posting their explanation.  Honestly, I've stopped checking to see if they've posted any updates.  While I am disappointed that they seem to be stating that it will be a discreet app, rather than an app compatible on both iphone/ipod touch and ipad, at least they've offered what seems to be a statement of their intentions.  I had considered and literally was one click away from "taking the plunge" and purchasing the iphone version for use on my ipad.  However, the posts on these forums mostly echoed user disappointment when used on the ipad.  I'm quite sure I will purchase the ipad version as soon as it's available.  However, it had better be good...  cheers

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                      brsing Newbie

                      I'm not sure which adjective to use about having to spend another $29 for the iPad app!!  They should find some way to upgrade current owners of the iPhone app for iPad support.


                      Very dissapointing news.      + 

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                          No amount of protesting to Sling will make them do anything. The only thing they really do on these forums is moderate them if they don't like your comment.


                          Very disappointing news they want you to pay again for the separate ipad app. But I'm even more annoyed at the lack of support for the Slingbox Pro. I'm not going to fork out for a Pro-HD to continue this charade. Time to look for another solution I think.

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                        What's disappointing about all this isn't the $29.95 cost of the (still vaporware) iPad app.  It's having to obsolete the Slingbox Pro I've owned for years.  The only thing explanation that would make sense about obsoleting a piece of hardware that easily gives me the iPad's solution on PC or Mac clients is that the older models don't have the hardware capabilities to do H.264.  Maybe the current Slingbox Pro firmware is doing a software on-the-fly H.264 encode having just enough processor bandwidth to manage 320x240 resolution but not anything higher.  Maybe the iPhone/iPad can handle an incoming Slingbox 320x240 native stream and process it in software but doesn't have the bandwidth to do much more.  I have no idea.  It would be nice to get a better technical explanation because spending another 2 bills to replace a piece of hardware that still works just fine.  The H.264 encode issue would makes sense.  It's easy to find single chip H.264 encode/decode solutions now that are cheap but may not have been 5+ years ago earlier in Sling's history (my Slingbox Pro began its service Slinging to my Windows Mobile 5 HTC 8125 phone as well as PC and Mac)

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                          I recently purchased a SlingBox Solo and everything setup perfectly. However when I try to purchase the SlingPlayer Mobile from my AppStore here in Hong Kong, it says it can't find the app. When I switch to the US or UK AppStore and try to purchase, it says 'Your account is only valid for purchases in the Hong Kong iTunes Store.' I thought that the Apps are propagated from the US store out?


                          I too am waiting for the iPad app.

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                              tiborg Newbie

                              The app developer can choose what stores they want their app sold on. To get around this, you can buy a US iTunes gift card from eBay and set up a US account with it. You'll need to do this with an e-mail address not already registered with the iTunes store.