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    Can't find slingbox PRO on the network




      I have some problems.

      I connect the slingbox on the network. firewall is off and i also (because slingbox.com/getstarted will not fiind the slingbox) opened poort 5001 to the Slingbox PRO.

      But slingbox.com/getstarted stays on locating your slingbox on the network.

      why and how can we fix it? I see the lights on the slingbox. Power is on, network is on. i also tried reset.

      I can ping the slingbox on my network.


      i also see if i switch to dutch on slingbox.com and i google some things of slingbox and i click it. i Always do to the home website. There is something wrong on the site. if i turn into English everything works fine.

      Hoe somewhone has an answer..