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    Slingbox and Sky Q


      Anyone set up Slingbox with Sky Q yet? My assumptions are that you will have to use the composite AV port on a Sky Q mini to connect to your Slingbox in addition the mini will work with the i/r signals and should recognise the existing Sky HD controller.

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          sakisson Novice


          Hi, you could use an HDMi to component converter ( HdFury2 ) for the HDMi output but the Sky-Q uses Bluetooth remote which is not compatible with Slingbox.

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            All the Sky Q boxes are Bluetooth and I/R remote compatible according the Sky Forum  - issue is they most likely do not respond to the existing Sky HD control commands from Slingbox, but potentially they should work.

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              alanrichey42 Master

              I'm hoping that withing days of it being released a number of users will program it into their Logitech Harmony Remotes and it will appear on the database.   Then I can build a Custom Remote for it.

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                As suggested, my really old Slingbox Solo works fine with the Sky Q mini box and the composite AV cable that my Sky installer gave me however none of the remotes will control it


                Is there a chance Sling might create a remote for it?

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                  alanrichey42 Master

                  If they ever do (it seems from the "What;s New" page that they haven't added any remotes for over 9 months) it will be some time.  Do you know anyone with a Logitech Harmony Remote or any other sort of universal/learning remote ?   Or do you have a spare remote I can borrow ?

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                    I have Sky Q coming in the morning.  I must admit that in a detailed pre purchase discussion with a sky engineer he was definite  that there was no IR interface in either of the Sky Q units (despite the mentions we have all seen in Sky forums).  However I will test with a universal remote from my android phone and post results tomorrow.  Let me know if you have any preferred apps I should test with with. I am planning to try Peel and Tekoia Sure Universal.

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                      alanrichey42 Master

                      It has to be a remote where you can either output the results (JP1 cable) or find the 4-digit code that Universal remotes use.   But the Harmony is the best solution.

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                        OK, good news, both the Q boxes take ir commands.  When instaled we are supplied with a bluetooth remote for the main Q box and an IR remote for each.  (the IR codes are the same for both.)

                        The bad news is that I do not seem to have any way of working out what the codes are.  Can I lend you a remote to do your stuff on?  Jon

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                          alanrichey42 Master

                          Yes, that would be perfect.  I only need it for an hour or so.   I'll PM you my address



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                            Looking forward to the output if this conversation


                            I have two concerns with this new Sky Q setup


                            1) The compatibility with Slingbox, which appears to be getting resolved here - Great

                            2) The method it uses to connect to the main Sky Q to the Sky Q minis. I have three Sky+ HD boxes today on Mutliscreen subscription. One in a Cinema Room, One in the Annex and one in my Gym. All effectively in separate buildings at my address but all connected via coax to the LNB. Can the mini's be connected via LAN (I have Gigabit to all three locations) as they each have a  EJ45 port or are they wifi only. Wifi will not cut it for me, even the excellent Sonos mesh network struggled with the distances involved.

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                              AFAIK it uses a similar mesh technology to Sonos and boosters are available.

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                                But can it be Ethernet connected ?

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                                  Yes, both units definitely have ethernet connections.  For interest they also have built in powerline capability but this is not recommended yet.

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                                    xxxdxddx Newbie

                                    I have my M1 connected to my Sky Q. It streams fine but the sling remote control can't control the Q at all.

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