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    IR Blaster Problems on SB Pro

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      I have been using a Slingbox Pro for a few years that has worked fine in the house home network (using an Android tablet with no issues).  Last time I traveled I realized I need to set up for internet use (still not working but an issue I will deal with later) so I tried updating the Slingbox software.  I have now lost the capability to change channels using Slingbox.  I have tried all suggestions on FAQ:

      • Hardware is good, attached, positioned properly.
      • Comcast remote is correct for DC50Xu (in addition, I've tried all Comcast remotes).
      • AV device still works (I can change channels using physical remote).
      • IR blasters from the Slingbox are working (that's a cool test using digital camera!).
      • Have soft and hard reset the pro numerous times as well as the software (doing my taxes is more enjoyable).

      So, my conclusion is that all the actions are performing properly and the only thing that could be wrong is the IR software being loaded into SB Pro. Side note: sound is not working when view online but it does when viewing from the tablet (but I only watch from the tablet so no concern, just including info if it helps with IR troubleshooting).


      Can anyone suggest how to get the proper software loaded for the IR?  I want to be ready for baseball season.