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    What happen to our Desktop Player

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      What happen to our desktop Player. All I seem to be able to use is a IE 11 Plug In that doesn't work well at all!! It takes me 3 to 5 minutes for the plug in to load finish running ads. then it will lock up and I'll have to reboot my computer to start all over again.

      I don't understand why I can't just use the desktop player that worked so well for all these years. I bought an M2 to upgrade my Sling hoping that would make things work again, big mistake since now there is only this browser plug in that is full of Advertising wasting all my time then now working well at all.

      The Android App seems to work ok on my phone. no real changes there, but my notebook which is what I have the Sling for, to start with is practically useless, It so hard to get it running and keep it running that I'm losing interests in even using it.  I seem to need to take my Roku with me to be able to watch anything other than what is available other than what the Hotel broadcast.

      Totally not acceptable that DRM is not complaint on these units that, cost as much as a half decent Monitor. I have figured out a work around for that but why should I have had too.

      I have uninstalled this plug in several times and reinstalled, seems to help for a while but fails again after a short period of time.

      Hate to think I'll have to give up on Sling, I guess I'll look for a competing product if there even is one.

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          alanrichey42 Master

          What about the new Desktop Player ?  Click on Products at the top of the page.

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            New desktop player??? Products seem to be buy a box, I have an new M2, I don't have a desktop player any longer!! My browser downloaded something, and now a web page comes up and sometimes after several minutes of buffering, advertisements I do actually get to watch my shows on my computer? If I haven't lost interest by then.

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                esdwa Newbie

                What are you taking about anyway?

                Just google search "SlingPlayer software download", download new desktop player and enjoy. I have mine running 3 slingboxes, new M1 and two legacy: PRO and SOLO.

                There is also old version of desktop player 2.0 available on sling website, this one works as well with legacy slingboxes no problem.

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                    Yep the issue seems to be the new M.2 apparently they want you to buy some software to avoid the advertising. For me the delayed loading and buffering are horrible.   never had any issues with my old Sling box Pro, I'm happy to just use the web player in 8.1, 10 and 10AU,  that seems to work and I'm having control in less than 30 seconds

                    I am running the latest Desktop player, was running very slowly as described, until 10 AU now not at all