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    please allow WD TV Live Slingbox app to auto reconnect


      I see a whole industry of use being missed by not having the sling app auto reconnect after a networking disruption.  the app currently comes up with a connection lost slate and an ok button, then asks to select box again.  Since the WD TV box can auto launch into play a source on boot up I hoped the sling app would reliably reconnect following disruptions of the stream.  If it would smoothly reconnect without user intervention then this could be used for unattended content distribution.  Having a product that would boot into a stream, renegotiate a stream without user interaction would have applications for unattended displays and content distribution.  Please consider adding this ability to the WD TV sling app.  If you have a suggestion of a product that is capable of starting a slingbox stream and keeping it after disruptions without user intervention please suggest it.