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    Video Content Not Supported - HDCP Compliancy Issue

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      Just installed Slingbox M1 to my DirecTV HD DVR HR24-100 which is connected via HDMI to my Samsung TV.  Streaming content through iphone app works only when TV is turned on.  When turned off, content appears on iphone as a gray screen with message that content is not supported.  I have read that this is an HDCP issue with two possible fixes: 1) install a powered HDMI splitter (1 In x 2 Out with 2nd Out left open) between the DirecTV satellite box and TV which presumably fools the HR24-100 into thinking HDCP compliance maintained so video continues to travel through component cables; and 2) connect the Slingbox directly to the TV via component video and digital audio cables (Slingbox also remains connected to HR24-100 via component and digital audio cables).  Not sure why this second solution works.  Has anyone had any success with either of these fixes?  Would like to know before I move forward with one versus the other.  Thanks.