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    Blank Screen but everything else works.

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      Everything worked fine yesterday.  I can connect on my macbook and iPad, no problem.  Sling player says "connected, building buffer; starting stream" just like normal.  No video ever comes through and no error or reason why.  I get the remote, I can look at my DVR and I can see the Guide.


      I live in Bangkok, Thailand and my son has the sling box at his house in Kansas and is connected to Wow cable company.  He unplugged everything and replugged it in.  The DVR says I am watching a recording.  He checked the AV cables and they were fine.  I had read that it might be an HDCP problem so I had him disconnect the HDMI if it was connected - he never confirmed.


      Any other suggestions?  Does this mean my recordings will also be blank or is it just the sling player problem.  Should I uninstall sling player and reinstall?


      If you need any other information, please feel free to ask,