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    Setup problems: no TV signal

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      I'm going to try this again. I am attempting to set up a refurbished Slingbox 500 with my AT&T U-verse set top box and my TV. And my Roku. I watched the video and read the directions. I have ethernet from modem to set top box. I have ethernet, HDMI and component cables OUT from set top box IN to Slingbox. I have HDMI OUT from Slingbox IN to TV (HDMI1, and I have Roku connected IN to HDMI2). Also, of course, everything is powered up and blinking. I am trying to set up, and I have no video signal, on either Component or HDMI. I did a hard reset, and the software updated. And there is no change.


      If I bypass the Slingbox and go directly from set top box to TV, everything works fine. Through Slingbox, no video signal. What is wrong, and how do I fix it, or did I just buy a piece of refurbished junk?