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    Slingbox 350 - remote no longer working (PC and slingplayer app)

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      Worked fine for weeks.

      Needed it today - no dice - the remote buttons are non-responsive on the PC virtual remote image (which in reading does seem to happen to others - like all you can do is control volume and mute which is really not sending IR commands anyway - rest of the buttons nada)


      Also - on the app - the remote icon is essentially dithered out and unclickable.


      I have reset the box a couple of times and re-configured etc. - no dice.


      Seems strange - but it also seems like this has happened to others.


      Is this something that is common and could be central to Sling and will get better? Or is this unique to me.

      Using FIOS Arris boxes - and all was fine until yesterday.