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    Slingbox not discovered by Player 2.0


      Took out and hooked up my old Slingbox SB100 after a couple of years in the closet. My cable company provides a viewing app that gets me content but I want to watch games being played remotely now.

      Anyway plugged it in and into the network and did a hard reset as I'd forgotten the password.  Lights flashed and came to rest with the network and power lights on steady green.  Checked my router log and saw the Mac address for the sling box assigned and IP address.  downloaded sling player 2.0 and made a new account.  But SlingPlayer 2.0 says there is no slingbox on my network?  I can ping the slingbox from the same computer running SlingPlayer 2.0.  When I unplug the slingbox, the IP address dissapears from the network map and of course is not pingable so I'm sure the IP address is correct.  WTF. Out of ideas except for putting the old box in the trash.  Did multiple hard resets at this point and same results.