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      How do I watch my tv at the office? I have a roku at my office and a tv and no cable in the office but I have internet.





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          evan.sling Novice

          Hi Michael!


          Take a look at this article - It will cover pretty much everything you need to know as far as watching Slingbox on your TV using Roku:



          Hope this helps!



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            eric_b Newbie

            Depending on the type of company that you work for, you may have a tough time getting the Roku to work.  If you are in a small company and have control over the Internet access, then you should not have much trouble.  Just open the correct port to allow your Roku to connect over the Internet on both ends.  However, if you work for megacorp, they will most likely have a firewall or proxy to prevent that type of usage.  Unfortunately, the Slingbox does not easily allow you to change the port that the SB is listening.  You will need to try to re-route the listening port to port 80 or some other generally accessible port.  Anyway, go ahead and try it.  Post back if you have questions.