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    Slingbox player crashing.

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      I have not used my Slingbox since last Oct.  I recently tried a test reconnect and keep getting the message "Slingbox player has crashed"  Prior to connecting to my TV, I had to download "something" and agree to terms of use.  I am using a desktop computer with Windows 7 with Firefox browser. The exact same hardware and software I used last Oct.   It connects to my TV, but after about 30 seconds it crashes.    Please help. Suggestions will be appreciated.  Thanks. 

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          Samantha.Sling Apprentice

          Hello Blikzum,


          Mozilla recently changed their browser to 64bit only which is conflicting with our 32bit only plugin. We are working with Mozilla to get a permanent fix for this, but in the meantime that have provided us these steps to work around the issue:


          •In the address bar type: "about:config"

          •A message will pop up for dangers of the these options agree to them.

          •Search for "xpinstall.signatures.required". It should have a value of True.

          •Right click on "xpinstall.signatures.required"

          •"Toggle" the value will change to false.

          •Relaunch Firefox

          I hope this helps!!


          Sling Media Technical Support