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    suddenly unable to connect to my Slingbox on my phone and tablet, but able to connect fine on laptop/pc.

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      I tried to connect to my slingbox solo today on my HTC phone and my Samsung Galaxy Tablet and it showed "locating" then "connecting", then "starting", but nothing happens, and eventually I get a message saying connection failed...make sure your phone and slingbox are connected to the internet.  I am able to connect to this slingbox via my laptop just fine. The last time I successfully logged on to the Sling App on my phone and tablet was last week.

      This slingbox is in another country.  I have another slingbox in the country where I reside, and I am able to connect to this Slingbox on my phone, table and laptop...no issues, so it is strange that I am suddenly not connecting to the "out of country" slingbox via my phone or tablet, but I am able to do so through my laptop.

      Any suggestions would be appreciated.