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    Slingbox Plug in crashing after about 10 secs of viewing


      Last several days I had problems with Slingbox Plug In crashing either after short period 10-20 secs, or when I used the remote.  Early this morning (possibly lower internet traffic?) watched and used remote with DVR  flawlessly, then tonight it's crashing every time after short period of viewing.  Running Foxfire 44.0.2.  Earlier I first got Foxfire message "Container Plug In stopped working", followed by pop-up that Sling box Plug In script stopped. No matter if i selcted Continue or Stop Script I got Slingbox crash report.  Researched possible solutions - Tried disabling hardware accelerator, reloading Firefox, reloading Watch TV plugin.  Now after a short period of viewing  I just get the Slingbox Crash Screen.