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      Is anyone else as offended as I am by the ads on the Slingbox?

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          yes. it's the whole reason I'm on this forum right now. want them to see the complaint.

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            I clicked on one of the ads by mistake and my browser is now infected !!!  This is absurd!

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                The CEO and COO of Sling are having a good chuckle reading these threads.


                We are the ignorant consumers who purchased their products and actually trusted them.


                We are the gullible ones who gave them our money in the first place.


                Never, and I mean never, purchase another sling product again.


                This company cannot be trusted.


                They are liars and they are thieves.

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                I agree. if I knew ads were here, I would not have just upgraded to my 4th slingbox. I will not ever buy another. there are now lots of other choices and slingbox is becoming irrelevant if they pursue this strategy. I am extremely offended and I have told many many people about how great slingbox is. NO MORE!!


                DROP THE ADS!!

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                  The ads are a joke, i have had every slingbox since the original.


                  i could never have imagined it would become this way, or else i would not support this company.


                  You cant force someone to watch a 90 second ad when you open up the desktop player, its just plain absurd.


                  I am embarrassed that I recommended this product to all my friends and family.

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                      I also have had 3 generations of slingbox's including the first one I bought in a best buy when they were first released, I fell like they have forced updates on us over and over and now ads. This company is crazy, I do not even see how it is legal.