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    Connected but black screen.

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      Hi Gus

      I am in the doghouse with my wife, last night just before her favorite series, I tryed to log on to my slingbox via my Iphone. This worked like a charme, but when trying to get it back to my browser, I got a black screen, I am loged on but no sound or picture. I spend 5 hours trying everything I could come up with. Switching everything off, and just starting the computer and the browser. Can anyone help?


      The setup is:

      Slingbox Pro HD Setup in Denmark with 800 Mbit upload :-) This still works fine with the Iphone

      Windows 10 PC with IE, Firefox and Crome. All browsers with black screen end no sound. I can switch the Slingbox on and off. No picture though.


      I am trying to get out of the dog house before next weeks episode, please HELP


      All the best