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    Help slingbox and slingcatcher not connecting


      We have slingbox classic set up at home (Uk) and it is working fine both locally and internet viewing and has been for the past 4 years But now when we try to watch it overseas we seem to hit a brick wall ......If we try to connect through our thompson router it starts to load then freezes at the optimizing section then we have a network eror come up...I assume there must be some sort of fire wall issue but I cant seem to find it I have turn the router firewall off as well as shutting AVG down.


      the strange thing is if I connect to the internet using my mobile dongle internet ...connection is fine...just a lousy picture as the speed on the dongle is not great


      Also Slingcatcher is not connecting through the router either here in the Middle East .

      Have tried using a different router ( Belkin) no good same problem

      have tried the Web Sling Player and despite the slingbox being listed in the directory I cant connect that way either...


      Can any one help as we are in the Middle East and local TV is not great and would like a fix of UK TV.


      Many Thanks