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    Panasonic Blu-Ray DMR-BW850 remote not working

    OzViewer Newbie

      I have tried several things with the help of the Australian slingbox support but still cannot get the remote working for Panasonic dmr-bw850.

      I tried 2 different bin files for the panasonic dmr-bw750 but they didn't work.e was sourced from this site. I have the Slingbox Pro version with multiple inputs and have my pay tv cable box working fine so the IR sensors work. I briefly had the web based Panasonic remote working but since installing the bin file that now has stopped working.

      The connections on the Panasonic work fine, I get the video streaming no problem, I just need the remote to work. I have the IR lead directly under the sensor on the Panasonic, and that was proven with the web based remote briefly working.  I am surprised that under the list of devices in the setup their isn o Panasonic DVD recorder at least, they have hadt hem out for years. I also tried the betaremotes site to try and setup a remote but I couldn't get that to owrk either. I would appreciate any help

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