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    Slingbox in NZ?


      Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to purchase Slingbox in NZ?  Or if you buy one from Australia whether it is compatible in New Zealand with a standard Sky decoder (Not HD).

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          I've had my SlingBox Pro working in NZ for a few years now.

          It was bought on E-Bay from the US, but I see no reason that something from Australia wouldn't work.

          I have a Sky decoder and a TiVo connected to it.

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              I have just purchased a sling box.How do you change channels on Sky

              thank Bruce

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                  shaysfn Novice

                  Hi Sherrock,


                  Thanks for using our Answers forum and congratulations on your purchase of your Slingbox.  I understand that you have some questions on how the Slingbox would work with your Sky.  This link, Contact Sling Media will provide you with information on how to contact customer support in your area.  They would better be able to answer your question for you.


                  Hope this helps.




                  Sling Moderation Team

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                  Hi I have a slingbox pro in NZ Have got sky and Tivo to work but cannot get sky to change channels.Is there a site to get the remote.There dosnt see+


                  m to have NZ sky app

                  thanks Bruce