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    Crazy question.... Remote control the Remote control.


      Does anyone know if its possible???


           I have a Dell Laptop with IR port.  When I use my Remote Viewer on slingbox I have a little "virtual" comcast remote onscreen to controll home DVR. Is it possible to take the actual remote with me, use it aimed at my Dell and have it translate recieved signals to DVR at home to control unit...



      Basically, use my actual Comcast remote while im not home to contol DVR??


      Thanks all!

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          Hi, tonybafaro


          Even though your laptop has an IR port, the Slingbox will not recognize this connection since the Slingbox uses its own virtual remote control.


          If you want to use a physical remote control in order to control the DVR from remote locations, you will need to look for another option, since the Slingbox and / or the SlingPlayer software do not provide this specific feature.

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              I have a Dell XPS M1730 Laptop running Windows Vista Ultimate.  The computer came with a travel remote that has basic functionality with SlingViewer V1.5.0.325 that is connected to a Comcast Cable Motorola DVR box.  The virtual remote works perfectly.   I was wondering if there is a remote contorl that works with my laptop that allows for more enhanced functionality, IE direct input of channels, activation of guide mode, page up/down while in guide mode, DVR, etc.  My laptop has a 17" screen so when i travel i can set it up across the hotel room and see it just fine from the bed, would love the ability to control all functions without crossing the room...any ideas?